Porto Limnionas Beach Zakynthos, Greece: A Travel Guide for 2024

by: Dionisis Vitsos

February 2023

Dionisis Vitsos
source: https://taxicabzante.com/porto-limnionas/
Denny’s Inn –source: https://taxicabzante.com/porto-limnionas/

Porto Limnionas Beach on Zakynthos Island holds a special place in our hearts and is a must-visit for travelers. Despite my daily visit during the quieter shoulder season in May, this stunning spot was bustling with tourists, highlighting its immense popularity as one of Zante’s top attractions and one of the best beaches in Zakynthos. Discover the allure of Porto Limnionas, a beloved destination for its scenic beauty and charm.

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Discover Porto Limnionas, a stunning cove hugged by cliffs, offering a picturesque escape amidst Zakynthos’ beauty. Despite crowds, its secluded charm rivals even Navagio Beach, making it a must-visit spot on the island.

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A Travel Guide for Porto Limnionas Beach in Zakynthos, Greece

Porto Limnionas - Denny's Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante
Porto Limnionas - Denny's Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante

At Porto Limnionas in Zakynthos, you’ll find a delightful eatery, ample parking, and a multitude of sunbeds offering panoramic vistas of the bay. While it lacks a traditional sandy beach, towards the cove’s end lies a submerged area with pebbly sand, perfect for standing and immersing yourself in the serene waters.

Porto Limnionas in Zakynthos invites adventure-seekers to dive into the pristine Ionian Sea from its stunning rocky cliffs—a popular choice for many, including us. This guide covers essential aspects of visiting Porto Limnionas Beach, offering insights into nearby dining options, accommodations, travel directions, and more to ensure an enriching experience at this Greek coastal gem. 

Begin your exploration of Porto Limnionas Beach in Zakynthos, Greece, and make the most of your visit

About Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas Cove stands as a top priority on the Zakynthos Island travel list for most explorers. Renowned for its mesmerizing sea hues, tranquil waters, and perfect swimming conditions, this spot is a haven for travelers. Notably, the enchanting Porto Limnionas Tavern adds to the allure, offering a picturesque setting to complement the beauty of the cove.

Where Is Porto Limnionas?

source: https://www.goatsontheroad.com/porto-limnionas-zakynthos/
source: https://www.goatsontheroad.com/porto-limnionas-zakynthos/

“Situated on Zakynthos, a sought-after tourist destination in the Ionian Sea, Porto Limnionas beckons travelers. This charming cove rests amid majestic cliffs on the island’s western coast, approximately 7 km from Agios Leon and a 47-minute drive (around 30 km) from the capital, Zante Town. Zakynthos, positioned about 250 km west of Athens, stands as one of Greece’s premier tourist hotspots, drawing visitors for its undeniable allure.

Pro Tip: bring suitable shoes for the trek sharp rocks, and plenty of water

How to Get to Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas - Denny's Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante
Porto Limnionas - Denny's Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante

For an optimal visit to Porto Limnionas in Zakynthos, renting a car proves to be the ideal choice. Exploring Zakynthos is made convenient with a car rental, granting flexibility and freedom to explore the island’s wonders at your pace. 

While day tours, including stops at other renowned beaches like Gerakas, Xigia, and Alykes, are available at approximately €30 per person, a car rental averages €15-20 per day, plus fuel costs. Opting for a car provides a more cost-effective and flexible way to discover the island’s treasures, especially when sharing the expense among two or more travelers. 

Considering the absence of public transportation from popular tourist hubs like Zante Town, Laganas, or Insilivi, renting a car through platforms like Expedia.com (not a sponsor) remains the most recommended and practical choice for reaching Porto Limnionas.

I always recommend talking to your accommodation’s reception for car rentals, as they cooperate with local agencies.

🏝️ Click Here For Directions To The Exact Location 🏝️

Best Time to Visit Porto Limnionas Zakynthos

Dennys Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante source: https://www.discovergreece.com/el/travel-ideas/best-of/12-best-beaches-zante

Given the towering cliffs surrounding Porto Limnionas, the experience here undergoes significant shifts based on the sun’s position and weather conditions. Planning your visit to Porto Limnionas involves considering not just the ideal time of day but also the most favorable season. The interplay of sunlight and cloud cover dramatically alters the ambiance, making it essential to choose both the opportune time of day and season for an optimal exploration of Porto Limnionas in Zakynthos.

The Best Time of Day to Visit Porto Limnionas

To experience the captivating beauty of Porto Limnionas in Zakynthos at its peak, aim for a visit between 11 am and 3 pm, when the sun typically shines directly overhead. While this timing may vary according to the season, witnessing the beach during these hours unveils a breathtaking spectacle. The brilliance of the Ionian Sea, coupled with the sunlight illuminating the cove’s rocky depths, creates a mesmerizing panorama that enchants visitors year-round.

The Best Time of Year to Visit Porto Limnionas

The optimal time for visiting Zakynthos, including Porto Limnionas, spans from March through early November. For a delightful Greece experience, consider the shoulder seasons: spring (March to May) or fall (September to early November). 

While temperatures may be cooler and weather slightly less predictable towards these periods’ edges, they offer the advantage of fewer crowds. Notably, peak season (July and August) at Porto Limnionas boasts warmer seas and sunnier weather but draws substantial crowds, impacting the cove’s tranquility as it becomes a hub for hundreds of tourists.

Things to Do in Porto Limnionas

source: https://dailytravelpill.com/porto-limnionas-beach-zakynthos-greece/
source: https://dailytravelpill.com/porto-limnionas-beach-zakynthos-greece/

Porto Limnionas offers an array of aquatic activities that make for an unforgettable experience on Zante Island. While snorkeling gear might not be readily available for rent, this spot is a snorkeler’s paradise with stunning visibility and numerous caves to explore, one of the best snorkeling spots in Zakynthos! 

For scuba diving enthusiasts, the Islanders Zante Diving Centre at Porto Limnionas provides opportunities to explore crystal-clear waters and nearby caves, ideal for those with appropriate certifications.

Photography enthusiasts will revel in the picturesque landscapes accessible via short hiking paths, perfect for capturing mesmerizing shots. However, the highlight remains the cove itself, inviting visitors to swim in its pristine waters. After your aquatic adventures, unwind on sunbeds at the Porto Limnionas Tavern, concluding a day filled with seaside pleasures.

Facilities on Porto Limnionas

source: https://www.myguidegreekislands.com/restaurants/porto-limnionas
source: https://www.myguidegreekislands.com/restau

Porto Limnionas Beach boasts excellent amenities facilitated by the renowned Porto Limnionas Tavern. The restaurant offers delightful meals and beverages, along with the option to rent beach chairs with umbrellas (priced at €12 per pair per day).

To economize, enjoy swimming and the splendid views at Porto Limnionas, perhaps opting for lunch at the tavern, and then venture to nearby Porto Roxa. Here, complimentary lounge chairs and umbrellas are available upon ordering drinks at the beach.

Convenient free parking is available atop the hill, ensuring hassle-free access to this splendid coastal gem.

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The Type of Sand on Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas - Denny's Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante
Porto Limnionas - Denny's Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante

Despite being commonly regarded as one of Zakynthos’ finest and even Greece’s best beaches, Porto Limnionas isn’t your typical sandy shore. Instead, it boasts large boulders throughout the bay, with only a small area at the narrowest point between cliffs offering submerged light-colored pebbly sand. This area hardly qualifies as a beach, remaining underwater most of the time.

Nevertheless, visitors often swim from the rocks to this sandy enclave, allowing them to stand and admire the breathtaking sea view. While sunbathing on sand isn’t an option here, the unique experience of soaking in the serene surroundings draws many to this picturesque spot. 🏝️

Where to Stay Near Porto Limnionas

While Porto Limnionas lacks nearby hotel options, making it unsuitable for an extended stay, there are numerous enticing accommodations across more popular destinations on Zakynthos Island. Consider staying in these vibrant areas and include a brief visit to Porto Limnionas as part of a day trip. Here are some recommended hotels in various parts of the island to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


Zakynthos Zante Kalamaki Hotel Denny's Inn Kalamaki- Room
Hotel Denny's Inn - Room Zakynthos

As a local Zakynthian, I have the best tips and recommendations for you. Having been born and raised on Zakynthos Island, I can confidently recommend the finest family hotel on Zante Island – my family’s hotel, Denny’s Inn! Situated a mere 200 meters from Zante Kalamaki Beach and only 500 meters from the vibrant main strip of Kalamaki village, Denny’s Inn offers convenience and accessibility. 

You’ll find yourself just a 7-minute drive from Zante Airport and a short 10-minute journey from Zante Town, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. Enjoy the best with rooms starting at 55€ per night! The cherry on top? You’ll find me at the reception, ensuring a warm welcome!

Keri Village

Situated on the western side of Zakynthos, around a 45-minute drive south of Porto Limnionas, lies Keri Village. This area offers excellent accommodation choices such as Keri Village & Spa (rooms starting from €130/night) and Revera Stone Villas (rooms starting from €60/night). Keri Village is not only known for its hotels but also presents attractions like the awe-inspiring Keri Cliffs and the picturesque Keri Lighthouse, making it a captivating destination to explore on the island.

Keri Beach

Zakynthos hosts two distinct Keris: the village on the western side, nestled atop renowned cliffs, and Keri Beach on the eastern coast, merely a 15-minute drive from Keri Village. The Keri Beach area offers appealing accommodation choices like Blue Lake (rooms starting from €60/night) and Villa Regina (rooms starting from €65/night), presenting cool hotel and apartment options for visitors exploring the eastern coast of the island.”

Best Restaurants Near Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas - Denny's Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante
Porto Limnionas - Denny's Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante

Porto Limnionas Tavern (Porto Limnionas)

While Porto Limnionas Tavern might lean toward a slightly higher price range compared to other dining spots on Zakynthos Island, it compensates with a captivating view overlooking the cove. During our visit, the service seemed subpar, although this could have been an isolated incident, considering the generally positive reviews that vouch for the tavern’s reputation.

📍Zante 290 92, Greece
⭐︎ 4.4/5 (2,194 Google Reviews)
💵 €3-6 Appetizers, €6-10 Mains

Fondo Beach Bar (Porto Roxa)

Fondo Beach Bar, located just a short drive south of Porto Limnionas on Porto Roxa beach, stands as a favored choice. Offering delightful cuisine, picturesque vistas, and hospitable staff, it’s a sought-after spot. Please note, the beach’s umbrellas and sun chairs are complimentary for patrons purchasing from the restaurant. To avoid confusion, communicate your dining intentions clearly to the staff if you plan to dine and stay at the beach.

📍Artemisia 290 92, Greece
⭐︎ 4.3/5 (38 Google Reviews)
💵 €3-6 Appetizers, €6-10 Mains

Ampelostrates (Koiliomenos)

Discover Ampelostrates, an authentic and often overlooked Greek Tavern located in Koiliomenos, approximately a 20-minute drive east and inland from Porto Limnionas. This hidden gem offers exceptional cuisine and exceptional service, enveloped in a vibrant atmosphere. For those seeking an authentic Greek dining experience paired with excellent wine, Ampelostrates is a must-visit destination

📍Koiliomenos 290 92, Greece
⭐︎ 4.9/5 (107 Google Reviews)
💵 €3-5 Appetizers, €5-8 Mains

FAQs About Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas, nestled amidst towering cliffs, offers a stunning cove for various activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, photography, and relaxation on sunbeds.

 Optimal months for Porto Limnionas exploration range from March to June and September to early November, offering favorable weather and fewer crowds compared to peak tourist seasons (July and August).

Porto Limnionas is approximately a 40-minute drive from Zante Airport via rental car or taxi, as public transportation to the beach is unavailable.

While public transportation is available on Zakynthos, renting a car or motorcycle proves most convenient to reach destinations like Porto Limnionas.

Zakynthos, famed for Shipwreck Cove (Navagio Beach), Turtle Island, and natural marvels like Porto Limnionas Beach, also boasts historical landmarks like the Venetian Castle.”

Should You Go to Porto Limnionas?

Porto Limnionas, a must-stop on any Zakynthos round-trip tour, offers a captivating afternoon experience. While not ideal for extended stays due to better lodging options in nearby villages, spending an afternoon here for the view, a refreshing swim, and delightful dining is highly recommended.

For a lunch spot with unparalleled views, Porto Limnionas Tavern is unbeatable. For an authentic Greek dining experience, make sure to visit Ampelostrates in Koiliomenos.

Regardless of your choice, don’t overlook the sheer beauty of Porto Limnionas’ breathtaking cove.

Dennys Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante Shipwreck Nauagio
Dennys Inn Hotel Zakynthos Zante Shipwreck Nauagio

Wondering What To Do In Zakynthos?

Discover the stunning beauty of Zakynthos Island, one of the most picturesque destinations in Greece. Whether you’re a fan of adventure or just looking for a relaxing getaway, Zakynthos Zante has something for everyone.

Take advantage of this Local Guide to Zakynthos Island to plan your next snorkeling vacation and find out what to do in Zakynthos. With this guide, you can ensure a memorable experience filled with the best snorkeling in Zakynthos.

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